Philly mom helping strangers find COVID-19 vaccine appointments

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- In this week's "Be Kind," a woman from Philadelphia who wanted to help her elderly parents get vaccinated turned that effort into a much larger mission.

Scientist and mom Jillian Hillman ended up searching the internet for open time slots for complete strangers!

Since January, Hillman estimates she has helped close to 1,000 people find vaccine appointments in Pennsylvania.

Eligible residents were all referred to Hillman for help from her family and friends.

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"I can think of one woman who is 98. I think I made about four or five appointments for her before I found one she was able to keep. And we all cheered when that happened," Hillman said.

"And there was another man who was going through chemo; he was really scared of COVID and was really appreciative of his vaccine appointment."

It's been a team effort, too.

Hillman said, once, her friend called her from a Wegmans because she overheard the pharmacist on the phone canceling an appointment.

Hillman immediately went to the website and scooped up that newly available time slot for someone on her list.
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