Big Gay Ice Cream's 'Gritty Puckster' sandwich is Doritos-flavored

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Big Gay Ice Cream in Center City is jumping on the Gritty bandwagon with a treat that screams "orange, fuzzy creature."

The ice cream shop located on South Street has added the 'Gritty Puckster' to its menu.

Their release on the new item reads: "The team at Big Gay Ice Cream worked tirelessly to capture Gritty's essence in a wild new menu item, eventually landing on nacho cheese Doritos-flavored ice cream smashed between two chocolate cookies, rolled in crushed nacho cheese Doritos. Shock value aside, it's incredibly delicious, and will be available for a limited time only at $4.50 a pop." reached out to the creators themselves to learn the thought process behind the 'Gritty Puckster.' Ice cream and Doritos? What you were guys thinking?

Big Gay Ice Cream: Our initial thought was that it was going to be absolutely delicious. It wasn't a long thought process. We just had faith in the combination - we trust our guts here at Big Gay Ice Cream. We also were thinking - what would we eat while we were watching hockey? Definitely Doritos, if we were home on the couch. So why not combine these two incredible snacks to make one super treat? you have any other ideas that would "capture Gritty's essence" before landing on Doritos-flavored ice cream?

Big Gay Ice Cream: Doritos-flavored ice cream was our first idea - we definitely wanted to come up with others, but when we tried the first batch, we knew Doritos was the one. is Gritty's essence, by the way?

Big Gay Ice Cream: Gritty's essence - Gritty doesn't care what anyone thinks, he knows what he's about, and he works it. In similar fashion, at Big Gay Ice Cream, we know the Gritty Puckster sandwich is great, and we don't care what anyone else thinks - if you don't like Gritty, Gritty don't like you! That was our motto when we created this ice cream, so hopefully it's Gritty approved. has the response been - has everyone loved it? Is it exactly like Gritty - at first people don't know what to make it of it, now they can't get enough?

Big Gay Ice Cream: We just put them on our menu, so we'll let you know! But we're hoping Philly loves them as much as our team does - they're really, scary good. you know if Gritty has tried it yet?

Big Gay Ice Cream:Gritty hasn't been by yet, but we hope he'll swing by soon. There's a Puckster at the Shop with his name on it. do we go from here in the ice cream business?

Big Gay Ice Cream: To the Stanley Cup!

Big Gay Ice Cream is located at 1351 South Street.

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