Bikers vandalize $30K rainbow crosswalk in Santa Fe LGBTQ community

SANTA FE, New Mexico -- Police are searching for a group of bikers who recorded themselves vandalizing an LGBTQ crosswalk and bragged about the incident online.

The crosswalk, unveiled just days ago to celebrate Pride Month, cost the city around $30,000 - three times the amount of a standard crosswalk, according to Channel 13 in Alberquerque. The incident left dark skid marks over the rainbow painted crosswalk.

Police say they're unsure if the vandallism was targeting the LGBTQ community but if proven, they could face hate crimes when caught.

"To the vandals, I hope you got something out of it. But my message to you is grow up," says Jacon Candelaria, the only openly gay member of the New Mexico Legislature. "As an LGBT person, I do feel sad."