Binge-watching could signal depression

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas (WPVI) -- It has become part of American culture - binge-watching a television series, watching all the episodes at once.

Both President Obama and former President Bill Clinton have reportedly indulged in sessions of their favorite show - House of Cards.

Now, two doctoral students at the University of Texas-Austin have looked at what binge-watching says about us.

They surveyed over 300 young adults, and found 75-percent binge-watched.

But they also found that those who did were far more likely to feel lonely or depressed.

And they were using the viewing sessions to escape negative feelings.

The researchers say binge-watching may *not be a "harmless" addictive behavior.

If you do binge-watch, try to limit yourself to two episodes at once... And get up and stretch and walk around in between.

But if you feel like your binge-watching habits are getting out of control, because it could be a sign of depression, you should talk to a professional and try to do some more social activities.