Pinky the dog doing better after left out in cold

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Pinky the dog is doing well after being found locked outside a home in the Logan section of Philadelphia Sunday.[br /][br /]After seeing Pinky had no food and water, a Good Samaritan contacted the Animal Care and Control Team.[br /][br /][twitter ID="699029869397741570" /][br /][Ads /][br /]Action News was there as Pinky's owner surrendered him to ACCT Philly.[br /][br /][twitter ID="699072014074691584" /][br /][br /]"He is warm, well-fed and on his way to finding a new home," the ACCT Philly wrote on their [url HREF="[br /]" TARGET="blank" REL=""]Facebook page[/url]. "Thank you to Jeff Chirico and 6abc Action News for helping bring awareness to this important issue."[br /][br /]The ACCT Philly tells Action News reporter Jeff Chirico that Pinky was nervous at first, but warmed up quickly.[br /][br /]They say he is on his way to find a new home.[br /][br /]To report a pet left outdoors in the cold contact the PSPCA at 1-866-601-SPCA or ACCT Philly at 267-385-3800 (press 1).[br /][br /][facebook URL="" /]