Next stop, Halloween! 5-year-old's school bus driver costume is custom-built for his wheelchair

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Saturday, October 20, 2018
Next stop, Halloween! Boy's bus costume custom-built for wheelchair
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This Halloween, Blake Mompher might just have the coolest costume in the neighborhood: a custom yellow school bus built to fit over his wheelchair.

PROSPECT, Ohio -- This Halloween, Blake Mompher might just have the coolest costume in the neighborhood.

Alongside standard Halloween ghosts and witches, the Ohio 5-year-old with spina bifida will dress up as a school bus driver and don a custom-made yellow school bus costume built to fit over his wheelchair. Blake's costume, created by his grandfather Gary, even features a Blake County Schools label on the side of the bus.

Halloween might still be a few days away, but Blake recently got to take his bus, number 315, for a test drive. In photos and videos shared by his mother, Megan Mompher, Blake can be seen grinning from ear to ear.

Blake dressed up in a similar bulldozer costume that also incorporated his wheelchair in 2016, Mompher said, adding that Pinterest and other families' past costumes helped inspire this year's school bus creation.

But for Blake, the bus costume holds a special significance this Halloween.

"He always loved school buses and watches his big sisters get on the bus every day. Next year, he gets to ride one to kindergarten so we felt a bus was perfect for Halloween!" Mompher told ABC.

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