Don't throw away your boarding pass because it could be disastrous in the wrong hands

If you're flying the friendly skies this holiday, keep that boarding pass to yourself whether it's the traditional paper ticket or an online boarding pass.

If it gets in the wrong hands, it could be a gold mine for thieves. Some airlines print your name, along with frequent flyer number directly on the ticket, others put it in the barcode on the boarding pass and with the right scanner app, and scammers can get access to the flyer's personal information.

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Security experts say they could do some damage with that information on your boarding pass. Hackers could go into your account and change your flights or they can steal the miles you have banked. Even scarier, experts warn a sophisticated scammer could do more damage if your credit card is linked to your frequent flier account as they can purchase gift cards for that airline.

If your boarding pass is on your phone, don't take a picture and post it on social media as you're giving hackers the same access. Besides not sharing your boarding pass information with anyone, you can also protect your airline account by making sure you have two-factor authentication on their account.
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