Be Kind: NJ 8-year-old donates hair for good cause

CINNAMINSON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- An 8-year-old boy in Cinnaminson, New Jersey spent the last three years growing his hair out, all to donate it to other children.

Andrew White IV chopped off more than a foot of hair at Paige Reese Salon on June 1.

The donation will go to the nonprofit organization Hair We Share, which benefits anyone under the age of 18 who lost their hair in a fire or from cancer treatments.

Andrew said he was inspired by his aunt, who is battling cancer.

"I normally do small deeds, but nothing big like this. This is probably the best I've felt in a while," White said.

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"He's got a heart of gold," his mother Victoria Spulock added.

The family also raised over $1,000 for the organization, which entitles them to track White's donation.

They will also receive a photo of the finished wig.

The best part of his new hair will be a lot less water dripping all over when he gets out of the shower, Andrew joked.

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