Moms help moms with encouraging notes in Philadelphia airport nursing pod

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Naomi Valera is moving across the country from Maine to California. Her layover at Philadelphia International Airport may seem inconvenient, but considering she's traveling with her 10-month-old daughter, she says she got lucky.

"I was so happy to have a clean, quiet, private space where I could successfully feed my little one," Valera said.

She's referring to the lactation pods the airport has throughout the terminals. Their intent is to give moms privacy while breastfeeding, but some of the people who used them had another idea.

"One day I was just looking in making sure the space was clean and being used and all of these notes appeared," said Leah Douglas, the Director of Guest Experiences.

The wall in the pod is completely covered in notes. Some of them tell stories about moms having difficulty breastfeeding, others share words of encouragement. All of them are meant to send a message.

"I think it's wonderful because you might be feeling alone and this is so hard to do, but then you read those notes and you realize you're not the only one that's going through this experience and people are there encouraging you and love you," said Douglas.

Valera said it was a push of courage as she and her little one got ready to fly toward their next chapter in life.

"I just love there's this supportive network of other mommas that are able to successfully feed or pump for our babies," she said.
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