Female football "Warrior" wants to get the win and change the game

BRISTOL, Pa. (WPVI) -- Kiaira Smith is an inspirational, aspirational freshman football player who hopes to one day to forever change the NFL.

But for now, on Friday nights, she's just working towards a "W."

"I can catch, I can kick and I'm good at tackling," says the 14-year-old Bristol high school freshman.
Now wearing number 49, Smith has been honing those skills since middle school.

"It's tough, but I have a love for it," she said.

Showing determination through humility and hard work, Smith is the only girl on the Warriors varsity football team.

Her mom, Ana Rosado, screams from the stands, but she wasn't always on board.

"She begged me for so many years to sign her up and I was so afraid of her getting hurt that I didn't. She finally convinced me to sign her up and I'm so glad that I did," said Rosado.

Smith stands with the same uniform, same practice, same standards as her teammates.

"They don't see her as a girl, they see her as a part of the team," says her mom.

Smith knew she could compete since playing in the backyard with her brother.

"I remember this one day, we played tackle outside and I hurt his back- and he got so mad!" she said.
Family fills the stands to cheer her on. They are her main source of inspiration.'

"My mom is strong- I get it from her," Smith said.

Her mom describes their bond as that of best friends.

"I had her was young, and I didn't know what I was doing, we had to learn together. She's seen that it wasn't ever easy, and knew whenever I got knocked down, I picked myself back up," said Rosado.

Smith's dream, "I want to be different I want to be the first female to get into the NFL."

With an ironclad will and versatility as a kicker, running back, and linebacker... she just may be.
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