Bryn Mawr College asking Michelle Obama to be 2017 commencement speaker

Byby Digital Producer Brock Koller WPVI logo
Thursday, October 27, 2016
First lady Michelle Obama reacts to cheers from the class of 2016, during commencement for City College of New York, Friday June 3, 2016.

BRYN MAWR, Pa. (WPVI) -- It's election season and the seniors at Bryn Mawr College have voted for whom they would like their commencement speaker to be: First Lady Michelle Obama.

In a video created by the college and posted Thursday to YouTube, the Class of 2017 let their voices be heard with just months to go before their May graduation.

Bryn Mawr College President Kim Cassidy opens the video to introduce Michelle Obama to the Montgomery County campus.

"Mrs. Obama, I would like to introduce you to the Bryn Mawr College student body. You inspire them, they love you, and they would like to invite you to Bryn Mawr College this spring for our 2017 commencement. Thank you," President Cassidy says.

The video is filled with uplifting images including students forming a heart with an "M" in the middle and holding signs saying "FLOTUS 5.13.17 #WeWillRise" and "Michelle BMC (hearts) you" which are matched with inspirational background music - all to convince the First Lady, Bryn Mawr should be on her mind.

"Mrs. Obama, you embody the importance of a woman's education because without people like you, we wouldn't see that we could go out there and do it, too," one students says in the video.

Another sign seen in the video reads, "#LetGirlsLearn." Last year, Mrs. Obama helped launch Let Girls Learn, an initiative to help girls around the world go to school and stay in school.

"I feel as though you are the perfect person to come to Bryn Mawr because we literally are all about the empowerment of each other and we are all about your philosophy in life," another student says.

1,300 undergraduate women and more than 400 graduate women and men from 45 states and 62 countries attend Bryn Mawr College. Those students are spreading their message on social media with #MichelleattheMawr.

Past commencement speakers include Terry Gross, host of NPR's Fresh Air, and Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States.

This past May, Ruth J. Simmons, the former president of both Brown University and Smith College, delivered the commencement address to the Bryn Mawr College Class of 2016.

Now, the Class of 2017 is hoping the wife of the current President of the United States will be next.

"If Michelle Obama can sign off on the fact that we did a good job, I don't need anyone else to do it, right? Cause she is an inspiration," another student says.

The college's video ends with this written invitation:

"Mrs. Obama,
We hope you will join us for the class of 2017's commencement ceremony.
Bryn Mawr College"

Mrs. Obama most recently gave commencement speeches for Jackson State University and the City College of New York. Will Bryn Mawr College be next?