Bryn Mawr couple celebrates 77th wedding anniversary

BRYN MAWR, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Bunny and Eddie Solomon of Bryn Mawr have reached a milestone few couples ever attain -- 77 years of wedded bliss.

The couple marked the anniversary with an intimate dinner with their children Wednesday night.

"I never dreamed it would happen to me," said 97-year-old Bunny Solomon.

Bunny and her husband met as students at West Philadelphia High School and fell head over heels for each other. Eddie, now 98, proposed while on the second deck of a bus traveling down Chestnut Street on their way to lunch. Bunny remembers it being romantic.

Days after the couple married in 1943, Eddie, an officer in the Air Force, was shipped overseas during World War II. It would be the pair's only time apart through their 77 years of marriage.

The Solomons raised three children in Penn Valley and have four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

When asked how they got through the tough times, Eddie responded, "We've never had tough times. We've never had an argument."

Bunny says the key to a successful and peaceful marriage is love, compassion and spending lots of time together. Their children call them role models.

"They are wonderful parents. They are wonderful grandparents and great-grandparents. I'd like to be just like them when I grow up," said Saul Solomon.

While much has changed since the two married over seven decades ago, their lasting love and sense of humor remain constants.

"You haven't changed at all. Haven't changed," said Eddie as he looked at an old photo of his wife on their wedding day.

"You haven't changed either, honey. You just lost a little hair. That's all," joked Bunny.
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