High School seniors in Wilmington create Bubl Health app to connect patients to resources, community of support

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- A high school senior in Delaware is breaking ground in both medicine and technology.

Still a student at the Charter School of Wilmington, Cyrus Rosen is also the CEO of Bubl Health, an app that connects patients with resources and, more importantly, helps them find camaraderie.

"Patients with similar medical conditions and diseases can connect and share their own personal tips and advice for living with that disease on a daily basis," said Rosen. "We find it to be a really helpful supplement to the care patients receive from their doctors. It really just creates a sense of community and defeats the isolation patients can feel with their diagnosis."

Cyrus was inspired by his mother's story of feeling alone and isolated with an autoimmune disease.

Asim Trimzi, also a senior at the Charter School of Wilmington, helped create the app. He was inspired by his travels abroad shadowing doctors and seeing the disparity in healthcare.

"Even here, there are communities that just don't have any access to medical care whatsoever," said Trimzi. "People can use this to come together and talk it through it find people similar to them."

Thirty high school volunteers at the Charter School of Wilmington help curate the resources.

The name "Bubl" means to find your bubble, your community. They also say the most important resources you need "bubble" to the top of your feed.
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