Local disinfectant manufacturer ramps up production, shares advice

FOLCROFT, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- If you've been frustrated trying to find cleaning products for the past couple of weeks, what's happening at The Bullen Companies in Folcroft, Delaware County may give you some comfort.

"We are trying really, really hard," said Vince Smith, national sales manager for the company, which manufactures hospital grade cleaning products that are sold to businesses.

Smith estimates that their production has increased tenfold to try to meet the demands brought on by coronavirus. The company has nearly doubled the size of its staff, which is now working six days a week.

"We are really trying hard to get approved COVID disinfectants into the hands people out there," said Smith.

The company sells most of its products to companies through distributors. But they've made a limited supply of hospital grade disinfectant available to the public on their other website cleanstuff.com.

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Just like grocery stores are limiting quantities for shoppers, The Bullen Companies had to limit what they can give to their distributors.

"You can only get one pack of toilet paper. Our distributors can only get one pallet of disinfect," said Smith.

No matter what household cleaner you use, Smith says there is a way to tell whether it's an EPA approved disinfectant that could kill coronavirus germs.

"The number one thing you have to look for is an EPA registration number," said Smith.

The EPA number is required to be visible on the bottle of any EPA-approved cleaning product.

"If it doesn't have an EPA registration number, it's not a disinfectant of any type," said Smith.

He recommends checking that number on the EPA's website.

The website will also show whether a particular disinfectant is effective in killing COVID-19 germs.
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