Mom sends warning to parents after child almost hit by car while getting off school bus

Friday, August 30, 2019
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Child almost hit by a car driving past school bus stop sign.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A mother said her daughter was one step away from being hit by a car after she got off of the school bus Wednesday.

Josephine Kirk-Taylor was standing outside of her apartment complex with her two other children recording a video of her daughter as she got off the bus from her second day of kindergarten.

It was the first day her daughter rode the bus to and from school. Kirk-Taylor stood on the side of the road where her daughter was picked up, but she was dropped off in the afternoon on the other side of the road.

The video she took shows the school bus stop put out its stop sign and a car zip past.

Kirk-Taylor can be heard screaming for her daughter to stop walking across the street so she was not hit.

The mother said what happened could have ended much differently if her daughter did not listen to her direction.

She hopes what happened to her daughter serves as a reminder to other drivers to stop when they see school buses dropping off children.

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