Boy, 9, expands Colorado lemonade stand business to four cities

BOULDER, Colo. (WPVI) -- A 9-year-old's quest for a toy has blossomed into a rapidly-expanding and lucrative business.

Last year, Jack Bonneau had his sights set on a pricey item.

"I wanted the LEGO Death Star which costs $400," Jack told ABC affiliate KMGH-TV. "I asked my dad if I could get it and he said, yeah you can totally get it, but I'd have to pay for it."

So Bonneau decided to start a lemonade stand at a local farmer's market.

His dad helped him build the stand and provided him with some startup money. Sales then took off fast.

After 12 weeks, Jack had raked in $2,000 in revenue - or $900 after all his costs. He bought his LEGO Death Star toy, but then started thinking about the future.

Jack talked with his dad and decided to expand his business model. He then opened up several other lemonade stands, hiring other kids and their families to run. They called it "Jack's Stands."

"At, you can sign up and run your own lemonade stand in a farmers market in Erie, Lafayette and Louisville," Jack told KMGH-TV.

Jack's Stands are not just for making money. They are also educational.

"Parents have signed up," said Steve Bonneau. "Many of the kids have signed up multiple times. Again, it's quality time with the kids. They're learning about social skills, confidence, earning some money at the end and having fun."

Reservations to run the lemonade stands are booked through all of next year. Now, Jack and his father are planning to expand to 12 stands at farmers markets nationwide.
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