Philadelphia Parking Authority enforces meters citywide

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Parking Authority has started to enforce metered parking regulations across the city.

Drivers are required to pay for parking at all meters and kiosks.

It has been a phased approach. Last week enforcement began in Center City and University City.

Action News caught up with some drivers in Manayunk.

"Shucks! I was enjoying the free parking," said Scott Grote of Belmont Hills. "I kind of welcome it, in a way. It's just another part of things be normal again."

Manayunk resident Julia Galantich said, "I'm sad that they're starting back up again, but I understand that it's necessary. Probably fewer people will park here that are residents, I would assume, just because they will be ticketing."

For the past 12 weeks, the PPA focused only on safety violations due to COVID-19.

"Everything is starting to get back into normal so it's kind of expected," said Brendan O'Neil of Manayunk.

"I'm surprised they weren't enforcing it earlier honestly just because the City of Philadelphia is so adamant about their parking," remarked Kosta Sevo, who was on Main Street walking his dog.

Joe Kelly of Manayunk said," They have the right to ticket, you know. They have a right."

Some are worried this will hurt businesses.

"There's going to be no one shopping," one man told 6abc.

Customers are encouraged to make contact-free payments through the PPA's mobile payment app, meterUP.

Mobile payments can also be made via meterUP by calling 1-877-727-5303.
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