Would-be burglars scared off by homeowner in California

A home security camera captured a frightening break-in at a home in California.

Video shows two masked men knocking at the door, and when they don't get an answer they try to break the door down.

But the homeowner was inside.

She had been in the shower and when she heard the commotion she screamed, scaring them off.

But the incident has left neighbors shaken by how persistent the would-be thieves were.

"So that's what makes it most unnerving for us, is that all security measures are put in place, and it still happened," says neighbor Sara Porter.

Police say, statistically, most home burglaries happen during the day when no one is home.

They recommend installing cameras that face the street.

That way, even if a suspect hides their face, the cameras can capture the getaway car.
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