Firefighters find man dead inside Camden home

CAMDEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Firefighters discovered a man dead inside a Camden house as they battled an early morning fire.

The fire happened just after midnight Thursday on the 1100 block of Collings Road.

Neighbors said the man who lived there used a wheelchair from time to time; they immediately feared for his safety when they saw smoke coming from the front of the house.

"It was scary because it was a lot of smoke and the older gentleman who lives there, basically he's in a wheelchair, and before the fire department and everyone came, my husband and other neighbors were trying to kick the door down," said neighbor Zenobia Jackson.

Jackson said she called 911 for help.

"As soon as we kicked the door open, so much smoke came out," Jackson said.

Firefighters said they found the man on the floor in the kitchen shortly after putting out the flames.

The homes next door suffered smoke damage.

Action News spoke with Michelle Brown whose mother-in-law lives on the block.

"It's sad that the person who was in there didn't make it. I thank God that my mother-in-law was just fine," Michelle Brown said. "A little bit of smoke, we can get through smoke, but we wouldn't had been able to get through her house burning down."

Investigators said the fire marshal is looking into the cause as neighbors and family mourn the man's death.

"I just hope that everybody gets over this the best they can and gets the help that's needed," Jackson said.
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