What's next for GOP after riot at the Capitol?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The siege on the nation's capital has left a black mark on this country.

Some contend the Republican Party has an image problem.

Republican Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh says the party needs to get back to the party of Lincoln and focus on this country's best ideals.

"Focus on the things that are practical. People want good schools for their children. People want safe communities. People want to have the freedom to disagree and not being penalized and punished for it," he said.

He and other political leaders say both parties need to move to the center.

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Parents and teachers are finding ways to talk to kids about the chaos at the Capitol on Wednesday.

They believe a more moderate government will heal the political polarization currently underway.

"There have been mistakes made by Republican leadership. One of them is not being as sympathetic and as proactive, dealing with what frustrates people in the inner city," Oh said.

Some Trump supporters are standing by their man, despite what they all an unfortunate scene on Wednesday.

They like some of his policies.

They say they've felt neglected by what they call both a Republican and liberal elite that has run this country for too long.

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Lawmakers from Congressional Districts in the tri-state area are joining the call for President Trump to be removed.

"Every time they try and pass a bill, instead of helping the American people out, they are doing too much for other countries. Help the people out, and what's left send to other countries," said Mike Antolini of Havertown.

"I think the Republican Party is going about it the right way. Do I think the election was fair. No. Did he win? Yeah. Should Trump bail out? I guess so. What else you gonna do," said Scott Dugan of Drexel Hill.
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