Vigils held across Philadelphia region to mark January 6 insurrection

The FBI is still seeking 350 individuals believed to have committed violent acts on the Capitol grounds.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- In gatherings both large and small Thursday night, residents across the Delaware Valley marked the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Capitol riot.

"Last year we were so outraged by what went on," said Center City resident Joanne Neufeld.

Outside the Municipal Services Building in Philadelphia, a group of about 50, including Neufeld, came with signs that depicted some of the chaos and bloodshed during the insurrection.

"It was shameful. Absolutely shameful," Neufeld.

As dusk turned to nightfall, many prayed for the five lives lost that fateful day, which included protesters and police.

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It has been exactly one year since the U.S. Capitol riot incident killed five people, including protestors and police.

"I'm hoping that what happened a year ago will motivate people to vote. We will see this year," said Center City resident Pat Clark.

Not lost on many is the ongoing investigation into those that participated in the violence.

Of more than 700 defendants arrested, Pennsylvania is only second to Florida with the highest number of citizens involved.

"It's heartbreaking that anybody participated," resident Kate Martin said.

In Oreland, dozens gathered in another pro-democracy demonstration.

Chopper 6 flew over Lancaster Avenue where pods of people congregated with a focus aimed at defending democracy.

Many passersby honked in support.

"I'm proud of my neighbors cause everyone cares and everyone wants to be in a community and a world where everyone has a say in what's happening in our government," said Stephanie Levin from Wynnewood.

Some lawmakers, like Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA 1st District) who voted to certify the 2020 election but against the impeachment of the former president, also reflected on attack and steps moving forward.

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"There's a lot of misinformation being spread out there, which compounds the problem. Especially with social media where false information can be put out there. It spreads like a wildfire, and people believe it," said Fitzpatrick.

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean was called to serve as one of the nine impeachment managers.

"We must do certain things to memorialize that day to remember things we shouldn't forget," said Dean.

"I'd like to see a commemoration of everybody we lost who was injured, and a reminder that democracy came under attack, and democracy sustained and succeeded," Fitzpatrick said.

The investigation into the insurrection continues. The FBI is still seeking 350 individuals believed to have committed violent acts on the Capitol grounds, according to the Department of Justice, including over 250 who assaulted police officers.
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