Car smashes into man on gym treadmill

Car smashes into man on gym treadmill
CULVER CITY, Calif. -- Dramatic video shows the moment a car crashed through the window of a gym in Culver City, California last month.

The victim, Samuel Kiwasz, tells KCAL-TV he walked away from the close call with only minor injuries.

"I was looking forward to another workout and I got one."

Kiwasz never expected his regular trip to the gym to become a nightmare.

"It was really scary. I like saw my life flash before me."

He had just arrived at Anytime Fitness.'

"It was just before 6am."

But it was just seconds after he stepped on the treadmill the crash happpened.

"The car went through the glass - it was like mostly glass - wall."

The red Mercedes SUV slams through a window.

Kiwasz was thrown to the ground.

"As I was flying back I saw the treadmill coming at me so I twisted it to the side to avoid being crushed."

"It shook the whole building immediately when it entered."

Gym Manager Nick Vierra ran to help

"I'm looking to see if there are any more victims. There's nobody there."

He notices the female drive get out of her car

"From what I hear its pretty normal for people to be out of sorts after an accident like that."

She did have a little bit of a, a lack of concern.

From what I hear that's pretty normal."

She could've been in shock who knows. She didn't look like she was wearing any shoes.

"She wasn't wearing shoes."

The woman tried to return to her car but an off-duty officer sprang into action.

"My friend who is a cop he actually prevented her from entering the vehicle. The vehicle was still running. So it was a little bit of a concern."

Incredibly, Kiwasz sustains only minor injuries--An outcome he knows that could have been much worse.

"When you go through something like that you learned that life is a gift and to cherish every moment and I guess it wasn't my time."

As for the driver, no word on if any charges will be filed against her, but witnesses say she is cooperating with police.