California mother stops suspect from stealing car with children inside

A mother's quick thinking stopped a carjacking in Central California this week.

Patricia Ontiveros said her kids were sitting in the back seat of their SUV Sunday while she was making a delivery to the family's taco truck.

That's when the suspect took the opportunity to jump in the vehicle.

"I was in my mom's car playing my game and out of nowhere some guy just hopped into the back," said Isaiah Ontiveros.

"I thank God, it's a blessing we are here and nothing happened. Imagine if he would have had a gun or knife or something," said Patricia Ontiveros.

In a moment of fight or flight, Ontiveros chose fight and began hitting the suspect.

She also beeped the horn to cause attention.

Her husband and a few good Samaritans ran over and held the suspect until officers arrived.

The family later found out the carjacking suspect was on parole for robbery.
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