How did Carson Wentz, Eagles reach the brink of a trade

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Well the Carson Wentz trade watch is in full effect. And as we wait, I can't help but think... how on earth did we get to this point?

How far the mighty has fallen?

I remember so well being in Chicago the night the Birds traded up to draft Wentz.

So much excitement, and now so much anger. So much resentment, with each passing silent day, I feel like Wentz is getting closer to becoming the most hated athlete in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, we see Jalen Hurts out in the community, wearing a Kobe Bryant Lower Merion jersey and giving a check to a little boy suffering from cancer, we see him on national TV in a Phillies hat.

We still have NOTHING from Wentz!

Had he come out at the end of the season and said, listen, it wasn't the year we wanted, I didn't play well, but I want to be here and I am committed to Philadelphia; whether that was true or not, I think there's a lot less anger around here.

I think in that case, should the Eagles trade him, or should they not be able to and be forced to make it work, either way, there would be a better chance of saving face. Now, if they can't get the first round pick they're asking for, and decide to keep him, how is that going to go?

It's also fascinating that Wentz's last two quarterbacks coaches, Press Taylor, and John DeFillipo, have been announced with new titles for the Colts and Bears respectively just this week.

Seems too coincidental for either of those teams not to be in the running, but will the real suitor please stand up?
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