Cat caught on camera fighting off 3 coyotes

A California house cat channeled his inner lion when he came face to face with three coyotes.

The animal encounter was all caught on a security camera.

Maya Gurrin and her husband were watching a movie Saturday when they heard their cat, Max, hissing outside.

Maya rushed out the back door and saw three coyotes surrounding Max.

They immediately ran away.

But it turns out Max didn't need his owner to intervene.

When Maya checked out the footage, she saw Max chasing the coyotes away, even though they were twice his size.

"He's always been crazy, like if this were to happy with any cat, it would be him," Maya says.

Though Max proved he could hold his own, his days as an indoor-outdoor cat are over.

Maya is considering building him a "catio" which would allow him to stare down predators from the safety of a screened in porch.
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