Thieves targeting catalytic converters from parked cars in Warrington Township: Police

WARRINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Police are investigating several thefts of catalytic converters in the Warrington Township area, and are urging drivers to be cautious.

The areas targeted were all in busy parking lots:

  • The Edge Fitness Club at 100 Easton Rd.

  • The Doylestown Wellness Center at 847 Easton Rd.

  • T-Mobile at 1529 Main St.

The crimes occurring between November 13 and 18, police said. All the cars appear to be Hondas, but may be expanded to include other makes and models.

Converters are designed to help clean up harmful emissions.

"To replace it is very expensive so I imagine that's what the draw for thieves are," said Curtis Dehaven.

Experts say the part can cost drivers anywhere between $500 to $1,000 depending on the car.

"Couple seconds, if that. The hardest part is probably rolling underneath the car," said mechanic Ken Hien.

Hein spoke with Action News and explained removing converters is simple if you have the right tools.

"It's just the precious metals in them that they're just packed with," he said. "Those precious metals are just high dollar right now."

Drivers said the will be on the lookout.

"Just make sure you check under your cars," said Julia Vit.

"If you see someone, report it," added Dehaven.

Cars that have had their catalytic converters stolen will run, but experts say you'll notice a sound difference as the car runs.

Police urge drivers to park in areas with security cameras or in high foot traffic areas.
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