CDC eases travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people amid COVID-19

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its travel guidance for fully vaccinated people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new regulations allow anyone who has been fully vaccinated to travel within the country without getting a COVID-19 test, or self-quarantining post-travel.

Fully vaccinated means it has been two weeks since you received your last dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the CDC says.

Travelers are urged to still follow CDC guidelines by wearing a mask and social distancing while traveling.

"For me as an educator, I really look forward to traveling and coming back, not having to quarantine because I am 100% fully vaccinated," said Sharmala Cyril of Brooklyn, New York.

The rules are a bit different when it comes to international travel.

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people are no longer required to take a COVID-19 test prior to traveling unless it is required by the international destination.

Also, fully vaccinated people aren't required to self-quarantine when they return from traveling. But, they are urged to have a negative COVID-19 test before their return and follow the given CDC guidelines on wearing a mask and social distancing.

"I like to see the world, and I like to go to other places, and the economy has to be jolted. I think this is a way to jolt the economy," said Anna Pasqualone of Asbury Heights.
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