What's The Deal: Cheap buys with costly consequences

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We all love a good bargain, but buyer beware, there can be costly consequences to getting things on the cheap.

Cheapism, a saving site that prides itself on good deals, rounded up 30 items you don't want to skimp on. Things, they say, are worth the extra cost in the long run.

When it comes to cheap choices that can cost you more, Cheapism starts with bargain brand paint.

Besides having to use twice as much to cover a wall, they say quality is not something you want to skimp on when it comes to look and ingredients.

In the end, you can save time and money by getting good paint and only having to do one coat.

Next, Cheapism says cleaning with generic or dollar store detergents and cleaning products could put your items at risk. They say low-performing cleaners have trouble dissolving and leave clumps of detergent in clothing, and streaks on furniture.

Sleeping on a low-cost mattress, they say, could affect your overall health.

Cheapism says we spend a quarter to a third of the year sleeping, so spending more on a quality mattress means investing in something that will last longer and is better for your back and neck.

Also, they do not recommend skimping on tires.
Not only do the cheap, budget ones have a shorter lifespan, they can also be unreliable in bad weather and in some cases, downright dangerous.

Next, think twice about surfing on someone else's internet.

Cheapism says saving money on WiFi is not only bad for the subscriber, but the person getting "free" Wi-Fi exposes themselves to malware and potential identity theft.

One more thing, think twice before opting for a cheap lawyer.

They say this person has your business, assets, family's future and more in their hands, and a good counsel is worth the investment.

Click here for their full list of cheap buys with costly consequences.
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