Chef Marcu brings culinary talent to private events business, non-profit fighting food insecurity

ByNatalie Jason WPVI logo
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Chef Marcu brings culinary talent to food insecurity fight
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Marcuz James is known in Philly culinary circles as Chef Marcu. He's a private chef who's also making meals for marginalized communities.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Marcuz James is known in Philadelphia culinary circles as Chef Marcu.

His business, Palate Marcu: International Kitchen, does private and corporate events for small groups.

He offers a curated approach to each event, choosing everything from the decor to the dinnerware.

He specializes in Senegalese cuisine, as well as flavors and dishes from the Caribbean.

As a transgender man, he started his business being the change he wanted to see, recalling the days when he could not find a chef to mentor under with similar experiences.

In addition to his events business, Chef Marcu is one of the community chefs at Double Trellis Food Initiative - a non-profit that prepares meals for delivery to community fridges throughout the city, helping to end food insecurity in Philadelphia.

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