Chefs for Seniors of South Jersey making mealtime easy for senior citizens

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Thursday, August 12, 2021
South Jersey business making mealtime easy for senior citizens
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Chefs for Seniors in South Jersey is taking food delivery services to the next level, serving up both food and conversation to feed body and soul.

CAMDEN COUNTY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- About every two weeks, Chef Ron Tornari visits David Berg in Camden County to cook for him.

"We try to make it as easy as we can for the senior," said Tornari. "We're concerned about them."

Tornari used to be a corporate chef, but three years ago he bought a franchise to bring Chefs for Seniors to South Jersey. He says the goal of his work is "to help seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, to age in place."

He now serves about 120 clients from Princeton to Cape May, offering food delivery or in-home food preparation so meals are at the ready.

Tornari says he does the grocery shopping for a client's meals the day he visits their home.

"And within a two-hour period, clients will have around nine to thirteen meals cooked for them. They should have enough food for about a week or two," he said.

Ordering is done online with 90 menu items to choose from, which he describes as "American fare."

"There's everything from Italian to Indian food, Asian food," said Tornari. "There's something really in there for everybody."

Tornari says the mission is to show "just how easy mealtime can be."

The meals are made ready to eat, or you can freeze and simply reheat later, like the teriyaki salmon and chicken marsala.

"We supply the containers. Everything's dated and labeled," said Tornari.

Berg, a widower, describes Tornari's service as invaluable.

"I don't know what I'd do without it," he said. "Making a meal would have been very difficult for me."

Berg says he never did a lot of cooking, and this food provides "a relief" at mealtime.

Along with the food, clients also get a visit.

"We encourage them to hang out with us," said Tornari. "We have some great conversations."

"Ron's a great guy. He wants to know if everything's ok," said Berg.

Berg says the relationship he has with Tornari is "priceless."

"That little love and care that we give, it might take a little longer," said Tornari. "But it's very rewarding."

For more information, visit: Chefs for Seniors of South Jersey