Storms cause widespread damage in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- There are trees in the roadways and power lines strewn about the streets of Cherry Hill, New Jersey following a powerful storm Saturday.

For about 15 to 20 minutes, Cherry Hill was in the middle of the path of some violent straight-line winds Saturday night.

Residents Larry and Nancy Treratola said while the storm happened quickly the damage is lingering.

"Power has been out since about 10:30 last night," they said.

The Treratolas were fortunate as there was no damage to their home, but others in the neighborhood did not fare so well.

"We heard the crack and the thump," said Scott Hussey, who watched a tree collapse right into the roof of his neighbor's home. "The roots came out and it was not good."

Early Sunday morning, before the sun came up, Action News spoke with a man who says this was as bad as it's ever been in Cherry Hill.

"I was in my garage looking at the rain and all of a sudden the most major storm I've ever seen in my life comes trees are falling. I had to hide my dog and my sister in the front room," he said.

Officials report some of the wind speed recorded Saturday night was up to around 70 miles an hour.
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