Chester County family recreates 1980s J.C. Penney Christmas catalog

CHESTER COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Chester County family created a hilarious and detailed tribute to their youth in the form of Christmas cards.

Jeff DePascale is a photography buff who wanted to do something different for the family card this year, and absolutely nailed it.

On the left is the original J.C. Penney Christmas catalog from the 1980s. On the right, Jeff DePascale's replica taken over the course of four weekends, starring his kids.

But they didn't stop at the cover.

No, their card this year is 12 pages, 55 photos, all perfect recreations of that 36-year-old catalog, featuring the DePascale family- Dad Jeff, Mom Victoria, and kids, Tom, Ben, John and Audrey.

Jeff said he wanted to pay tribute to the ornate and involved cards his grandparents used to send back in the 1950s, recalling the joy they got creating them, and their friends got receiving them.

Also, starring in the card this year?

Those real vintage clothes, toys and gadgets, each of which Jeff kept over the years.

So, obviously a great card, but even better was the spirit behind it.

Jeff tells us he told his kids this year that if they retain anything from him as their dad, it's to "remember that being creative is a great thing, self-expression is important, whether serious or funny. But if you are going to be funny, commit to the bit."

Mission accomplished.
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