2 children shot for throwing snowballs in Wisconsin, police say

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (WPVI) -- Two children in Wisconsin are recovering from being shot after a driver fired at them for throwing snowballs at passing vehicles, police say.

Milwaukee police said two kids were hit in a shooting Saturday: a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy.

Officers responded to the area of 6th Street and Birch Avenue, where they found the girl with a gunshot wound.

Minutes later, the boy was found with a gunshot wound.

Police say both kids are expected to be ok.

Neighbors turned to their faith during the chaos.

"I was on the ground praying for her and I went the house and got my oil and throw the oil on her," said one neighbor. "There was blood everywhere."

Police said the snowball struck a white Toyota and the driver of the vehicle fired shots into the group of kids.

"Do you really need to shoot somebody because they threw a snowball?" said another neighbor. "For something so stupid. I mean, a snow ball?"

Some say they are ready to move out.

One woman says her house has been caught in the crossfire before.

"It scared the mess out of me, you know? Anytime I hear shots that close. I just freak out," she said.

She would like to see an increase in neighborhood patrols.

In fact, multiple neighbors said they wanted visible cameras in the streets.

"I feel like my children should be able to go outside and play."

They hope the driver responsible comes forward.
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