1 injured, several cars damaged after car chase ends in crash in West Philadelphia, police say

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Police said a robbery led to a car wreck in the middle of Cobbs Creek Parkway in West Philadelphia early Wednesday morning.

The crash occurred on Cobbs Creek Parkway near Delancey Street around 12:10 a.m.

Neighbors came running when they heard the massive impact shortly after midnight.

Askia Bayyat describes, "I heard a series of crashes. Boom, boom, boom."

Philadelphia Police say this all started when a man stole another man's cash at a nearby gas station.

Police said the robber fled in a car while the victim jumped into a different car and chased the suspect.

"The guy in the black car said he wasn't chasing him, he was following him," Bayatt said.

Neighbors said they saw the victim confront the suspect.

"He said 'If you didn't do that and run you wouldn't have crashed the car. I want my money'. The police were standing there. So he kept saying 'I want my money, check his pockets'," Bayatt said.

At least five parked cars were damaged, including a Lincoln Navigator.

The driver of the Navigator had double-parked to bring his children inside his mother's home.

His girlfriend was sitting in the car when it was struck.

The collision woke up the children's grandmother, Bridgitti Johnson.

"I was awakened up by a loud crash. Looked out the window and saw my son's truck in the middle of the street," said Johnson. "I came outside I thought my grandchildren were in there, but good thing they were in the house."

The girlfriend was taken to the hospital where she was treated and subsequently released.

Police have taken a suspect into custody.
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