Collegeville man accused of selling fake cancer-curing drugs to pet owners

COLLEGEVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Collegeville, Montgomery County man was indicted for an alleged scheme to sell dog owners fake cancer-curing drugs.

According to a federal indictment, Jonathan Nyce, 70, made three separate companies, and promoted drugs to cure cancer in dogs on their websites.

Authorities say that he even created two fake drugs that he subsequently named "Tumexal" and "Naturasone" that would help desperate families in search for a cure.

For local veterinarian, Dana Yard, what Nyce did was cruel.

"Families go through a huge emotional roller coaster of 'how can I fix this?' They have hope and sometimes they have bad news, and things aren't going the way they want," said Yard who helps animals at Wissahickon Creek Veterinarian Hospital.

She says when a family gets a diagnosis that their beloved pet has cancer, at times owners will start searching anywhere.

And to an extent, she encourages the extra effort to save a pet.

"We support families constantly and we go out to look for what's the newest best and greatest thing, but we look for scientific research behind it," said Yard.

But she says you shouldn't give medicine to a pet that's isn't screened by a veterinarian.

In Nyce's case, authorities say his websites made numerous allegedly false and fraudulent claims regarding the safety and efficacy of these supposed drugs, including these statements: "Tumexal is effective against a wide variety of cancers," and, "Tumexal will almost always restore a cancer-stricken dog's appetite, spirit and energy!"

At times, Nyce allegedly convinced pet owners this was part of clinical trials -- all to ultimately defrauded them of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Authorities say Tumexal was just a collection of bulk ingredients blended together at a facility on Arcola Road in Collegeville. The drugs were also not approved by the FDA.

"The defendant's alleged conduct here is shameful," said U.S. Attorney McSwain.

Nyce now faces a variety of charges.

If convicted, Nyce faces a maximum possible sentence of 32 years behind bars.
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