Blueberry, flower picking at Shady Brook Farm is a social-distance activity for the whole family

YARDLEY, Pa. -- "People are dying just to get out and do something and I feel there's nothing safer than being outside," said Paul Fleming, the co-owner and farmer at Shady Brook Farm.

Fleming carries the torch along with his siblings as the fourth generation of family ownership. Shady Brook was originally founded in 1913 and now thrives as a family destination year-round. Originally started in Andalusia, the farm has resided in Lower Makefield Township since 1960.

Having survived more than a century, the farm faced a new challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fruit and flower hotspot introduced new safety measures since then.

"Thankfully, we are still doing wagon rides to pick your own blueberries right now, pick your own flowers," said Amy Lamb, another fourth generation co-owner. "It's been good for people to be able to get out and just enjoy being outside."

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time in order to secure a ride on the wagons, which are sanitized every hour.

Families in attendance this morning were enthusiastic about getting fresh air after months of lockdown in their homes. Many selected their favorite size, shape, and color of flowers to beautify the four walls they live within.

Paul Fleming hopes the remainder of 2020 opens opportunities for pumpkin patches, apple picking, and sunflower experiences.

To learn how you can enjoy Shady Brook Farm safely, visit their website.

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