Butterflies spread their wings at NJ Festival

NATIONAL PARK, N.J. -- Today was all about pollinators, but not just the birds and the bees! This festival was for the butterflies!

This event brings Gloucester County's arts, produce, and agriculture to Red Bank Battlefield.

The Gloucester County Certified Gardeners have built a butterfly house from donated plants. It serves as one of the many educational attractions at the festival. The grounds are also home to the Red Bank Battlefield Donation Garden, which grows produce to donate to local food banks.

The goal of the festival is to entertain while constructing important lessons about pollinators and the environment, especially with young children. Bees, butterflies, birds, and more are integral parts of the pollination process that contributes to the growth of produce. Activists encouraged everyone to plant their own gardens at home to support this process. They also warned of an invasive pest known as the Spotted Lanternfly that has been seen in our area. You can visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture website to become familiarized with this threat to local produce.