Philly food delivery company facing criticism for throwing away food

A Philadelphia-based food delivery company is under fire over claims they threw away food that has not reached its expiration date as they prepare to move.

Residents in Roxborough say goPuff began dumping some of their inventory into large dumpsters outside their now-closed office in the 5200 block of Ridge Avenue.

The company, which calls itself a "digital convenience retailer" claims the food that was trashed was deemed "damaged."

Images of the food began circulating online, and soon after, residents began collecting boxes of the tossed items, which included mixed assortments of chips and a variety of seltzer water.

"The majority of it was not expired at all," said one resident who asked not to be identified.

The goods are now sitting in her and another resident's living room as they began to sort what they'll personally donate.

In a statement to Action News, a goPuff representative said the company did donate thousands of dollars worth of product to the 5th District police and to a local church.

The statement goes on to say that the food in the dumpster was "not appropriate for donation," but did not elaborate further.

Residents plan on donating items unless they are told otherwise.

"We live in a city where homelessness and poverty is such an issue and to not share our resources or even care to take the time to share the resources is absolutely devastating," said the anonymous resident.

Action News is still working to independently verify goPuff's donations to local organizations.
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