Philly Proud: Top cop in Radnor takes time to read to kids

RADNOR, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- When you're in trouble or need help, you call the police. When you're quarantined and need a smile, join Christopher Flanagan, Superintendent of police in Radnor Township, Delaware County on Facebook live.

"With an unprecedented time we're all working very hard on different strategies and we're have to think outside the box," he said.

So grab your coffee, your kids, and welcome to story time.

"We're in a school every day in Radnor Township and we're very proud of that relationship and if you meet a first grader they'll remember you when they hit high school and those are the type of things that are very important," he said. "We wanted to do a little bit more so we started a virtual tour of the jail you got to see the different police cars all of our highway patrol equipment."

They can even answer some of your most burning questions.

"We were able to answer some really great questions like, Where do police dogs sleep," he said. "He sleeps at home with his handler and that's why our dogs are happy and ready to go to work any day and time because even with the coronavirus they are out getting the job done."

Action News reporter Jessica Boyington thanks Flanagan for bringing the community together during this difficult time.

"This is just as important to let people know they're safe we can get through this if we stick together, remember to be nice, remember to take care of your family and we'll survive this," he said.

We are so Philly proud.
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