Trenton's S.E.E.D. mentor program works to empower the next generation

TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- A group of young men traveled from Trenton on a college tour to Atlanta this week, thanks to the "The Severants Endeavoring to Empower and Develop" or S.E.E.D program and its sponsors.

It's a special trip that's meant to broaden their horizons.

"They get to learn life skills, go on a college tour, fine dining and then health and wealth and exercise and good eating and mentoring at the same time," said Program Director Stacy Heading.

The S.E.E.D mentoring program was the brain child of Heading and Pastor Earl Jenkins.

Their vision for the program is a place where urban youth and mentors meet monthly and focus on preparing them for greatness.

"We've taken this concept as young men to pour into them as youth so they can grow to become what they want to be and what God intended them to be," said Pastor Earl Jenkins of the True Love Center.

The college trip to Atlanta was completely funded by local donations and incorporates a career workshop at radio station to learn about broadcasting, a visit to the MLK Center and birth home Dr. King, before visiting the campus of Morehouse College where the group gets a taste of what it's like.

"Sit on a college campus, then it becomes a reality and they know that they can and they know it's a place they can be and fit in," said Ewing Township Council President Kevin Baxter.

And some, like 10th grader Jeffrey Jenkins, already have a vision of the future.

"I want to go the school and study sports medicine, so I'm going to be a physical therapist when I get older," said Jenkins.

Big Easy restaurant owner Jocelyn White, who hosted the send-off event, says this means so much.

"My heart is full, because a lot of times you wonder what is the future generation going to be like and when I see the future here I feel it's going to be very bright," said White. "The world is going to continue and we have future leaders right here in this room."
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