Some Splash Club members upset over price hike Facebook post

BROOMALL, Pa. (WPVI) -- An Action News viewer alerted us to a Facebook post that has since been deleted on Splash Club's Facebook page. The club is located on Sunset Boulevard in Broomall and has been open since May.

Some residents Action News spoke with said they were upset after seeing the post on Saturday, about Splash Club's 2020 membership renewal fees.

The post stated the new membership fee would be around $100 or more for a member, and a $50 food minimum for a single member and $100 for memberships of two or more, for each month. That's for five months that the pool is open.

The club deleted its post after the backlash of comments.

The pool cited pool maintenance and food services among other reasons for the price increase.

"Families are on a budget, that's what you have to understand, and not everyone can afford that expense," said Gretchen Cancila, who lives in Broomall, and is a member.

Cancila says one of the reasons she originally joined was because she thought the membership fee was low.

"It was for a very fair price. I think the big seller was that there was no bond," said Cancila.

Ike Richman, who is a spokesperson for the club, said the post was put up on Facebook to gauge a reaction from members.

"It's our Facebook page. We can determine what we want to put on our own page," said Richman, regarding comments on the post getting deleted.

Some members were upset the pool decided to communicate its new prices over Facebook, and not through email or a phone call.

"They're increasing it, I think, a little too much," said Joe Norton from Broomall.

Some members Action News spoke with said they didn't see an issue in the price increase.

"I kind of thought it was a given," said Amanda Grassi.

"I feel the price to me is quite okay," said Denise O'Hara-Buell. "I can't afford that, but I would do anything to be part of this pool."

Richman said an email should be sent to members by the end of the week with new prices.
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