Trenton's iconic art festival returns with new security changes

TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- After a shooting that brought the event to a screeching halt last year, Trenton's iconic art festival returned in 2019 with a few new security measures.

For the first time in its history "Art All Night" is now fully fenced off. There is also no shortage of police and security personnel.

Event Director Joseph Kuzemka said it's all to ensure there is no repeat of last year's events.

" Nothing is going to stop us from making sure that we continue this event and that we continue to strengthen our community with arts and culture," he said.

Twenty-two people were reported injured last year, 17 from gunshot wounds. It is believed police shot and killed one of the suspects involved.

" We were able to gather ourselves after what happened last year. We know immediately that we were not going to stop. We can't stop," Kuzemka said.

This year, no large bags, outside food or drinks were allowed. People were also being wanded in at both entrances.

The event is also taking a small break between 1 and 7 a.m.

Those in attendance last year say they welcome the change.

"No matter what you can't stop the power of art. With the support of everyone from Trenton and the surrounding areas, this will continue to grow," said Qaysean Williams. "Us coming back after last year shows resilience," Sydney Belle said.

Parents like Chamar Wade despite the changes, he is happy to see the event return this year and hopes it will continue to grow as it did before the shooting.

" Last year it was a lot more people but it was wide open for anything to happen, so I feel good taking my youngster out here, so I'm safe," he said.
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