Volunteers ask for a clean Philly, no more garbage dumping

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Saturday volunteers shoveled trash, swept it or simply picked it up by hand.

Regardless of how they did it, there was a resounding message for people to please stop dumping trash wherever they want around Philly.

Maria Pagan of Kensington, said, "They dump anything, anywhere. You even find needles on the floor. It's pathetic."

Nicholas Stewart of Kensington said, "You have to come outside and see this and it's like you live here. Why would you want to dirty up the place you live? You don't do this to your house."

From Kensington to the Schuylkill River trail and many other locations, clean up crews took part in the 12th annual Philly Spring Clean Up.

Last year the effort collected an enormous amount, roughly 321 tons of garbage.

Once again, like at Hope Park in Kensington, neighbors like Pagan say they cleaned up quite a bit again.

She wonders why it comes to this every year.

She said, "You can't walk your kids around without looking on the ground making sure."

In Kensington, we also met the hardworking young men with the Philly Futures Track program.

They're working with the streets department to learn job skills and saw a lot of garbage they wish they didn't.

Dashaun Hill said, "You want to keep our city clean? Then do it."

At the Schuylkill River Trail near Walnut Street, volunteers found some more trash and also spruced things up.

Volunteers like Bob Swayne says helping to clean is the least he can do.

Swayne said, "I thought, well I better return a little bit of the favor I've taken advantage of here on the trail."

Volunteers all over hope maybe after Saturday this can be the start of a new mindset.

Pagan said, "Pick up after yourself. It's where you're living at. You represent your area."

Now if anyone sees illegal dumping near them, they're asked to call the streets department to clean and police to try and find out who is doing it.
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