Consumer Alert: Paving scam, what you need to know

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016
VIDEO: Consumer Alert: Paving scam
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Nydia Han has the details on a paving scam you need to watch out for.

A common spring scam involves paving and while the new season just started, the Delaware Department of Transportation warns this scam is already being reported.

Kimberly Inman got scammed by a bogus paving contractor.

"I was frustrated because my 19-year-old son had paid the money for the driveway and he was so excited that he could do something for Mom," Inman said.

Inman says the alleged contractor came right to her door and identified themselves.

"They were contractors hired by DelDOT; they had been working over on Marsh Road and Philadelphia Pike area," Inman said.

Inman says the man told her the crew had extra asphalt and was told to see if any homeowners nearby would like their driveways redone.

"As you see, I have a big driveway and it was something I had been wanting to do, but couldn't afford," Inman said.

Inman says a previous estimate for her driveway was $10,000.

The man who came to her door said the job would cost her only $210 since the asphalt was already paid for.

After he made multiple visits, took measurements, and gained her trust, Inman gave him the $210 in cash.

But then Inman never saw him again.

DelDOT says this crew was not one of its subcontractors and DelDOT would never approve of its subcontractors doing something like this.

"In hindsight, ask for their identification, perhaps look at the truck and see that it was unmarked, and not give them cash," Inman said.

So here's what you need to know:

1. DelDOT says very few legitimate paving contractors will sell their services door to door.

2. You should not pay for services until they are completed.

3. Good paving contractors rarely have much material left over.

4. It is a red flag if someone pressures you to make a decision right now.

5. Take the time to make sure the company is legitimate and has a good reputation.

6. If you think you are being scammed, get a name, write down the vehicle tag number and ask for a telephone number.