4 companies recall incline sleepers for infants due to suffocation risk

Four companies are voluntarily recalling thousands of their incline sleepers for infants due to suffocations risks.

The recalls were issued for Summer Infants' "SwaddleMe By Your Bed" sleeper, Evenflo's "Pillo Portable Napper," Delta Enterprise Corporation's incline sleepers and the "Little Lounger Rocking Seat" by Graco.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says infants can roll from their back onto their stomach or side while in the sleeper.

The companies say consumers should stop using the sleeper immediately and can contact them for a recall or voucher.

The incline sleepers were sold nationwide and online at several stores including Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby and Walmart.

While no deaths have been associated with the products, the announcement comes after the agency issued a recall in April 2019 for all "Rock 'n Play Sleeper" models amid several reports of infant deaths.

Here's more details on the recalled items:

SwaddleMe By Your Bed - Summer Infants
Model number 91394
46,300 units recalled

Pillo Portable Napper - Evenflo
Model number 12132125
3,100 units recalled

Incline Sleeper with Adjustable Feeding Position for Newborns - Delta Enterprise Corporation
Model numbers 27404-2255, 27404-437, 27404-758, and 27404-942
5,900 units recalled

Little Lounger Rocking Seat - Graco
Model numbers 1872034, 1875063, 1875102, 1877160, 1882081, 1896313, 1908957, 1914283 and 2047734, 1922809
111,000 units recalled
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