Coronavirus questions: is infection less risky outdoors? Are antibody tests being counted?

So many people were outside this weekend.

Is the risk for transmission lower in the fresh air?

It all depends on who you are around and what you are doing.

The New York Times recently interviewed several infectious disease experts, and all agree, the risk of catching COVID-19 is lower out in the fresh air.

However, that doesn't mean you can let your guard down.

If you go out, avoid crowded areas.

And it's best to stay with household members

But if you are around others - practice social distancing, wear a mask wherever you can't stay 6 feet apart.

Also, keep gatherings small, and never share food or utensils

Some people are beginning to get antibody blood tests.

If they're positive, will they be included in the case reports from area health departments?

No, right now only active infections are counted for the tally.

There are still some questions about the accuracy of the antibody tests.

They look to see if you had been exposed or infected in the past, however, even a positive result is not considered a confirmed case at this time.
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