No identified coronavirus cases in Philadelphia, city officials say

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- While it's believed the coronavirus is now in Pennsylvania, so far there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Philadelphia.

However, one person was being evaluated as a possible case, health officials said on Friday evening.

Two presumptive positive cases were identified elsewhere in the state, including one in Delaware County.

"As you know we are fortunate there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19, coronavirus here in Philadelphia," Kenney said.

However, the city is preparing for what health officials suspect could be the first case any day now.

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"If we respond quickly and we work cooperatively and follow through on the basic public health approaches we can limit the spread and protect Philadelphia's residents, " said Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley.

Farley boiled down the city's strategy for the time being into four main points.

1) The rapid Identification of cases
2) Isolation of cases
3) Identifying close contacts
4) Self-isolation of those contacts for 14 days

"If we can execute on this strategy than we can contain this virus," he added.

Farley said there are components to all this, but none that are needed at this time.

Other speakers included an official from the city's Office of Emergency Management and the CEO of Philadelphia International Airport.

"We are prepared to activate the city's Emergency Operation Center. It's not activated at this time," said Derek Ziegler with the Office of Emergency Management.

"We are collaborating with all stakeholders frequently to make sure as this situation changes we are able to respond appropriately," said PHL CEO Chellie Cameron.

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