Mixed reaction in Pa. as residents prepare for lifting of mask mandate on Monday

Pennsylvania will be taking its last step towards normalcy when the mask mandate officially lifts on Monday.

"I think it's beautiful to be able to see to take them off at this present time," said Sherman Wilcher of Mount Airy. "Especially if you're fully vaccinated, it's your judgment, it's your call. If you're fully vaccinated take them off and breathe."

After more than a year with the face coverings, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be able to leave them at home. But officials are urging those who are unvaccinated to still wear masks.

"I think everyone is not honest about being vaccinated and they're taking their mask off because they just don't want to wear it," said Michelle Dean of West Philadelphia.

Businesses can still dictate whether or not masks are required in their stores and establishments, creating some confusion for customers.

"They never know when they're coming in, if they should wear a mask, like they look around and half the employees aren't wearing masks," said Sofia Monteaner of Devon. "If they ask, we just say, 'whatever you're comfortable with.'"

The CDC reports that as of Friday, about 75 percent of Pennsylvanians received their first dose and about 59 percent are fully vaccinated. However, some believe we'll go back to wearing masks again.

"I think the more people take their masks off, the more germs will spread and the virus will start back up," said Lydia Parsons of Cheltenham. "We've seen it fluctuate over the summer, it goes down, it goes up."

The CDC still requires people to wear masks on public transportation, on planes, in airports and at train stations.
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