Fostering pets on the rise with COVID-19 outbreak

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia SPCA says with the coronavirus pandemic, foster care is their lifeline.

"Our foster coordinator is Superwoman so she's gotten a lot of dogs, she's been working around the clock to help people bring in the right dogs for their homes," Adoption Supervisor Hailey Marcus said.

The shelter is running off a skeletal crew, foster care is the only option. They've stopped adoptions because of social distancing.

"A lot of our staff has kids so as that happens and people are calling out, we have less staff to care for all the animals," Marcus said.

They're hoping for more dog trainers to step up and help pups facing behavioral issues and for more people to take in cats.

If you're interested you can fill out an online application. From there everything else would take place outside the shelter. They are doing meets with dogs outside on the curb and then people fill out the paperwork. The hope is fostering leads to forever homes.

The Philly SPCA is also in dire need of donations because without adoption fees funding is cut.
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