New Jersey COVID-19 survivor applauded after being released from the hospital

MOUNT HOLLY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Dozens of healthcare workers anxiously waited outside of Virtua Memorial Hospital Monday morning for a COVID-19 survivor to be released from the hospital.

"This means a whole lot, I'm sure to the family and the patient but just as much to our employees because (they're) working tirelessly," said John Kirby, Senior Vice President of Virtua Memorial Hospital. "These are the things that light up their spirit and light up their whole organization."

63-year-old Kim Dobson of Burlington City, New Jersey was admitted to Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly on Easter Sunday and put on a ventilator three days later.

Her daughter, Mia Jackson, explained the ordeal as incredibly difficult.

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"Every time the phone would ring, I would just have to brace myself because I didn't know if it was going to be bad news or if it was going to be good news and I was scared," said Jackson.

But surrounded by healthcare workers and family members, Dobson was wheeled out of the hospital on a stretcher, headed to therapy.

"We had a patient that was discharged, spent a couple of weeks here in our ICU on a ventilator, she was extubated and we're really excited that she's on her way to rehab and to regaining her independence," said Kirby.

Jackson said she hadn't seen her mother in more than a month because she herself contracted COVID-19.

"I am so thankful," said Jackson. "I know what the numbers are. I know a lot of people cant say what I'm saying, but my mother is still here. My mother is alive and my mother is going to be able to walk down the aisle of her church when all her therapy is done."

Jackson said she can't wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to end and hold a barbecue, filled with a lot of hugs.

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